Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Balcony seats

Been busy

Assited with LE training providing 24 of our 40 hours required each year. That was pretty fun and I think it turned out well. Two days later I found myself in SF at Golden Gate National Recreation Center, Marin headlins. 80 hours, two weeks of Structural Fire Engine operator / engineer training. Learning how to pump those things without breaking them.

So there are about 16 students all from everywhere, Alaska, Everglades ect., and we are over on the south side of the bridge at the parade grounds for the Prisidio and we are being timed to drive these large trucks through this obstacle course forward and backward, two days of this, first day practice, second day test. We are to complete the course in under 8 min. First day; average time, 43 min. Ugh the impossible. But not when you grew up near Indianapolis. For safety reasons it was a closed course so I won't be trying this again at home. I think my times was around 6:29.

Anyways I'm standing around for my turn to be tested when this car pulls ups, stops in the middle of the road, a woman gets out and approaches two other males and myself. This is a true story. So she starts out a conversation like she is part of the group. And it seems she thinks she is able to join the group. She looks at me as says "I have always wanted to do a fireman!" Then she immediately corrects herself and says, I mean "I always wanted to be a fireman."

There was a moment of silence there amongst the four of us. Ah San Francisco.

Anyways we were all worried about breaking the sound barrier with these massive engines, but we all caught what she said and eventually said good by to her but again, wow SF is a friendly town. I just don't see how anyone can afford living there, its really quiet expensive. ;-)

Well, we had one day off in those 14 days and most of us went over to Alcatraz for a private tour since we are all NPS folks and the NPS runs and owns Alcatraz. It was amazing. About 4.5 hour tour and we went where most people never get to go. Saw the Hospital room where Doc Parker died on the slab. Went down in the cellars where the place is just falling apart, scary. Saw old Army dungeons where captives actually made marks in the walls for each day. Yea, saw Clint's cell. Two nights ago I got to see Escape from Alcatraz, the movie. No fake stuff there, all real. Library, MainStreet, Broadway, 5th Ave.....These are names of the avenues of cells. Got locked in a cell and of course the nice ranger pretends to door is stuck. Ha Ha! Them cells are small!

Got to climb up the lighhouse and walk around the outside platform which was pretty deteriating too but wow what a view. Sailing ships in the bay. Unforgettable, had a nice night down on Fisherman's Warf.

I once took a true love one night for a night on the town in SF. Even managed to get a flat tire on the way home along a country side road. One of the neatest smiles I have ever seen. Pretty lady. Oh well.

The classroom portion was unreal too. We had large open bay doors where I could watch the ocean tides in and out from the class room. The sounds of the ocean to sleep by at night and the fog horn blowing. Ah... Perfect weather. Saw old Yosemite friends and at first I was hurting. I miss Ca. The coast, the weather, the great roads to ride, the smell of the ocean, THE SEAFOOD!

But by the end of the two weeks, I wanted to go home, so I did.

Now for a song. Hmmm. There is a hidden message here, I think only one may find it.

The loveliness of Paris
Seems somehow sadly gay
The glory that was Rome
Is of another day
I've been terribly alone and forgotten in Manhattan
And I'm coming home to my city by the bay

I left my heart in San Francisco
High on a hill, it calls to me
To be where little cable cars
Climb halfway to the stars!
And the morning fog will chill the air

My love waits there in San Francisco
Above the blue and windy sea
When I come home to you, San Francisco
Your golden sun will shine for me!

I left my heart in San Francisco
High on a hill, it call to me
To be where little cable cars
Climb haway to the stars
And the morning fog will chill the air

I don't care

My love waits there in San Francisco
Above the blue and windy sea
When I come

When I come home to you, San Francisco
Your golden sun will shine for me!

Friday, February 25, 2005

Same bat channel

The current time and temperature for those keeping track is 15.82 and rising. Up from 15.73 in just 24 hours. Must be getting warmer? Amazing... some clocks take a licking but this one keeps on ticking...

We pray for our Catholic friend the Pope, a truly Godly man. We pray for him. We liked this one. He was / is for real. Makes me wonder about the rest to come??? Interesting though that according to a certain Saint who reportedly had special gifts, was that there are only two more Pope's left to come, according to him. Not my words, the Saint's the one who said this. And this particular Saint has been astoundingly accurate in describing every Pope since his time. He has my attention and time. The guy even predicted his own date of death to the very day. Accurately.

Next Pope may have something to do with Olives? Perhaps someone from a land where olives grow. Lets watch and see if there is an accurate connection. Two left? Israel has olive trees don't they? I wonder....I have heard that one being considered who actually is in line, is from there? Don't know, lets watch. Just two left after this one. According to the Catholic Saint. The last will according to this Saint will be called Peter, I believe and is claimed to be from Rome.

And he is to be in office at the time of Rome's destruction. Not my words, found it in the Catholic encyclopedia. So I wonder about the guy in between. So how quickly can or should I say how long must one stay in office to be a recorded officially as holding the position. Just wondering. I suspect the shortest time would be oh... I don't know, perhaps a single day....hmmm.

Anyways I will not be around until at least March 25th, so no Blogs for awhile. Going to the Golden Country with the Red Bridge to learn how to pump water. I am sure I will leave my heart. I did before. Funny I hear some people are surprised about how green it is there. Why do you think we ride bikes through the country side. Its beautiful there. Sorry about running out of time. Tempus fugit.

No one could guess who did this one!

No time left for you
On my way to better things
No time left for you
I'll find myself some wings
No time left for you
Distant roads are calling me
No time left for you

No time for a summer friend
No time for the love you send
Seasons changed and so did I
You need not wonder why
You need not wonder why
There's no time left for you

No time for a gentle rain
No time for my watch and chain
No time for revolving doors
No time for the killing floor
There's not time left for you
No time, No time, No time...

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Bow wow out

This is a sign, and adding it all up its right on time. Before I get to tonights thoughts, again...I say....Take a hard look at the Middle East. The big I is planning on pulling out of the West B! !!!! That is a no no. You don't give away what was given to you. I see a cost coming. Secondly, what was $15.57 just days ago is today $15.73! Yet today the US Stock market dropped over 100 pts.
Hmm. Daniel is my friend.

Moving on....

Looking around I have known many and called many. Sometimes I whistled. Some were mine, some were yours. Very few I never liked. Always thought frankly they were one of God's best ideas.

Mankind's best friend. Hard to find a friend like them. But they are out there and I wish I had mine back. Sadly none since. They see every little secret, never tell what they know, but they long to be by your side and go through life with you.

Some even have their own blog....as they should! Hope S is doing well watching the condors and smelling the Pac Blue.

7:1 or 1:7. If you find the right one its too short.

But ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE if you have the right connections.

Sorry bud, I have given you much thought. I'm feelling blue too!

I'll be around.

This, is our fork in the road
Love's last episode
There's nowhere to, oh no

You made your choice, now it's up to me
To bow out gracefully
Though you hold the key, but baby

Whenever you call me, I'll be there
Whenever you want me, I'll be there
Whenever you need me, I'll be there
I'll be around.

I, knew just what to say
Now I found out today
That all the words had slipped away, but I know

There's always a chance
A tiny spark remains, yea
And sparks turn into flames
And love can burn once again, I know you know

Whenever you call me, I'll be there
Whenever you want me, I'll be there
Whenever you need me, I'll be there
I'll be around....yea

Just call me at home, I'll be there
I'll never leave you alone, I'll be there
Just call out your name you know I know you know

I'll be around.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Up, up and away...

Remember the EU stock I told you about, last count around $14.85 / share. Try $15.57.

Do you have any idea...and I just based it on what the Good Book says.

Na, you don't want to hear the lyrics to Up, up and away in my beautiful ballon do ya?

Didn't think so... Hey don't be pointing any rifles at my ballon now....!

I am sure it will go pop all on its own one day, but till then, ....What was it Sly said...

"I want to take you higher...Boom Shacka lacka lacka. Boom Shacka lacka lacka!. Higher"

And I don't think its anyway near being done in its climb! I even think it may just become a world dominating financial institution. Wouldn't that be a surprise!

Friday, February 11, 2005

It's 10 o'clock, do you know where your....

I miss Carson. That was something to stay up for and I wonder... if that is where... all these late nights started for me. Anyways, Johnny, Jay, Dave all get some of their material from the news... Lets see what today brought us....Something special perhaps?


Well..look at that, North Korea has nuclear weapons, hmm .... who would have guessed? Never saw that one coming!

And Iran is saying they will never give up their nuclear technology...Hmm. Say both their missiles sure look a lot alike, anyone else noticed this. Hmmm.

And what a surprise they seemed to be neck and neck in the race, how odd? If NK has the bomb ...., I wonder how long... And with all that black sticky stuff just oooozing from the ground it will be nice for a change to see a nation for once use such technology for clean efficient fuel production. Why can't we be as environmentally conscious. I am a little confused what or how Iran's missile development, you know the one that looks like North Korea's missile has to do with producing clean efficient energy for there citizens. I am sure the answer is out there?

And look at all those UN officials. By the way if you have never seen a UN official they really are easy to spot. They are the ones with blood on their hands. Our son's and daughter's blood.
Gosh...Do you think there was a contection on why the UN voted against the war back when we took a SECOND vote! Nah, that would be the kind of trash that only the minds of the Enquire could conceive. That would never happen in real life. And if it did, surely CBS ABC, and CNN would report it.

Page two.

And, I see where Hamas is increasing their missile production.

And it says here that Syria seeks S-400 Anti-missile system from the Russians. Hmmm.

I wonder if that is the same one that Iran is useing to protect their reactor. You know ...the one that can down any plane except the B-117 stelth and the one being developed by us but not yet released. I wonder if that is why no one has taken out that reactor yet? Surely there must be some small threatened nation near by that has a history of taking out reactors for their SELF PRESERVATION. Something must be giving them something to think about? I wonder if that is really why no one has struck that reactor yet? Yeap, I just wonder?

Then there is the old stand by headliner: PA: Goal is Israel's destruction.

Now why is that news? Am I the only one who gets that picture? Duh?

Perhaps I should have titled this blog, It's 11:58, do you know where your...

When I was young I loved this tune, never listening to the words. Then I listened, and wow Motown did some good things back in late 60's early 70's. I wonder what was their inspiration?

The Supremes, "Stoned Love."

Now I wanna tell ya-of a great love-ohh
It will light up
It will surely light up - darkened worlds
If you just believe...

Stoned love,
Oh, yeah

A love for each other
Will bring fighting to an end
Forgiving one another
Time after time
doubt creeps in

But like the sun... lights up the sky.... with a message from above
Oh yeah,
I find no other greater symbol of His love

Oh, Yeah,
Don't ya hear the wind blowing
Stoned love
Oh yeah,

I tell ya I ain't got no other
Woo, woo, Mmmmmh
Stoned love
Aww yeah

Life is so short
Put the present time at hand
Aww yeah
And if your young at heart
Rise up and take your stand

And to the Man
On whose shoulder
The world must depend
I pray for peace and love - Amen

Oooh - can't ya feel it - mmm hmm
Stoned love
I tell ya I ain't got no other
Ahh haa
Stoned love
Aww yeah

If the war 'tween our nations passed
Oh yea
Will the love 'tween our brothers and sisters last?
On and on and on and on and....

Don't ya hear the wind a blowin
Stoned love
Aw yea

I tell ya I ain't got no other

Mmm Hmm
Stoned love

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Thumbs out.

I know it's a gift. Next to His son's doings, it ranks up there. I'm thankful for mine....and yours.

I mean look around, could have been meant to be stuck in one place. Perhaps never to move, or perhaps live a life stuck in the same place never moving any distacne, not even a single foot, except when death would eventually occur. But no. He put you and me at the top of His list. Although not Eden, it is an amazing ride this thing life. Thankful for every day. Now being older and understanding why thing worked the way they did, I understand there is a plan and purpose. Was it the Byrds....To...everything...Turn... In a way, yes, but He said it first.

Not everyone has the same time, or trip itenary. Some have it...some don't. Some don't know what to do with what they got, others don't have enough time to get done with what they were given. But I can agree to ya, that, Boy...what long strange trip its been. Every step came knowledge, sometimes success, more often failure of one kind or another. Failure to seize the moment perhaps... Boy if I had that to do over, might have been silently said.

Would you call them crossroads or would corners be more appropriate. I have tried my best to stay on the road, but times I became weary myself, going off trail and getting lost or perhaps being found. Paul was right, it is a long and winding road.

And it would be nice if it led to your door.

But my roads seem to continue. I'm looking for a road now. Seems most people found theirs, but I never have...and I'm getting tired. Sure have seen many views in my day. The views I speak of have double meanings for this context, hope you picked up on that and understand.

With all the miles I know whats coming, its just the journey. Parts of I really am not looking forward to and frankly, I'm ready to get to grandmother's house. I've been through all the gears including reverse, bet you have too. But this is getting old, and sometimes you come across willing minds and other times the minds you meet just don't seem to get it. One thing I can't stand is a closed mind. If you ever want to go back in time, just discuss something really important that you clearly see a need for change with someone that believes that it worked just fine yesterday, it worked today, it will work tomorrow, don't be upsetting the apple krate, cause I got to get back home cause the wife's got diner waiting at five.

We got these new toys but some of us have the same old way of thinking.
There are times when I can clearly see the "Bridge out" sign while riding on the bus. And I'm tired of the driver telling me its ok, he was down here yesterday and the road was fine.

Things sure were simpler in my back pages.

Here's one you never hear, except on XM. It's good one too, better than just the words, hope you get a chance to hear it again soon. This one belongs to Joe South. Funny... perhaps coincident that his name is a direction. God I hope I'm not going South.

Don't it make you want to go home.

Oh, the whipperwill roost on the telephone pole
And the Georgia sun goes down
Well, it's been a long, long time but I'm glad that I'm
Going back to my home town.

Goin' down to the Greyhound station
Gonna buy me a one way fare
And if the Good Lord's willin' and the creeks don't rise
By tomorrow, ah, I'm gonna be there

Don't it make you wanna go home?
Don't it make you wanna go home?
All God's children get weary when they roam
Don't it make you wanna go home?

There's a six lane highway down by the creek
Where I went skinny dippin as a child
And a drive in show where the meadows used to grow
And the strawberries used to grow wild

There's a drag strip down by the riverside
Where my grandma's cow used to graze
Now the grass don't grow and the river don't flow
Like it did in my childhood days

Don't it make you wanna go home, now
Don't it make you wanna go home?
All God's children get weary when they roam
Don't it make you wanna go home?

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Ding, Ding, Ding!

Quick, check the mirror, if your salivating, your mine! Inside joke.

But wait! Although a joke a first, it says something. It relates to conditioning a physical response. Think about it. My desire is for you to enjoy these blogs and relate. I love memory lane too. There have been a few of these I have been proud of. What or when was your last great memory? Dream on! When was the last time you said to yourself, "Gosh, that was fun, that was great!" It seems to me that if we can be conditioned to a physical stimuli, then why not an emotional one? I will call it "A need in wait."

A blind need, one you know you have but never paid attention to. It will come tomorrow you think. I bet 99 percent don't. So how... do you.. recognize emotional salivation. Hmmm.

Well I'm watching CMT at the moment, Hmmm, that Alison Krauss reeks of femimininity. What happen to those things? Makes me wonder. I knew a few that were not afraid to show that side. And I miss them. Tonight's lyrics come from Cheryl Wheeler, who has captivated the true post 911 spirit of the American traveler. Truly surprised a guy could not come up with such inspiring words. Words I live by. Perhaps you do too. If not today, perhaps tomorrow, give it time.

Been busy, time with son, the friend, training, the truck, the net. Prepping for instructing classes and working on application for job. Just back from Glen Canyon's structural fire refresher. Ah to see flameover. Potential death rolling above you coming your way. Oddly have I died too as these things no longer quicken the pulse? Just look up, recognize the threat and deal with it. Then advance to the source and extinguish. Snuff it, shuffle it, make it like Smokey says, "Dead out!" Next. Perhaps I am dead. There is an old saying, " If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen." I wonder... it may be that if you can stand the heat..., then you should get out of the kitchen. Think about that last line.

Unfortunately when we doused a burn pit with kerosene we failed to recognize that one of our woodland creatures had made his home there. Ever see a rabbit run when its rear quarters are on fire. Very ugly retinal image burn. Scampering about the shrubs, aglow is not good when you consider the wildland fire potential. That would be an interesting report to write.

It was sad to see the animal hurt, seriously. It seems that everyone is getting hurt, local and distant friends. Can you believe the tsunami. The mud slides, the rain, the snow in the east, very sad.

But lets be happy, hmm. I noticed its getting lighter out each day. The temps here have been tempting me to ride the M/C. I love to get away, pack the bike with the sleeping bag, push through those local barriers and check out someplace new. When was the last time you went to that corner of your state, you have not been before. Checked out a state park, written a false name on the register, and took that hike around a lake. Just vanish. Oooo.

Somewhere is that rental cabin.

Maybe just you, maybe the two of you. Perhaps you and the dog! Vanish. No calls, no worries for 48 hours. No mail. Does not take much money. Why not get the state map, close your eyes and run that finger around and just stop. Find the nearest natural resource where your finger ended up, make a reservation on the net or find that campground. Vanish. That means no cell phone. Can you do it? Can you cut the cord? Oh, but you have responsibilities, you tell me.

Perhaps your dead. Perhaps the constant day in day out repetitiveness has got another.

But what about the responsibility given to you to live your life. Rent the boat. Even if its that aluminum fishing boat with oars. You heard me. Row. Row across, get out, pitch the tent if you
choose, if not that's ok, its your life. And although I know its your escape...don't sleep in.

Play a golf course you have never played before it that's you.

Take your bike, those sunglasses, that water bottle. See if your state has a cave, a thermal hot springs, a hill. Yea, a hill. Climb it. Too much to ask, eh. Well...roll over and die, let tomorrow be just like today. There is something to look forward to.

And if you really want to venture past your safe limits, well why not check out that neighboring state. Does not matter if its off season. Go. You need that enema, you know you do.

Right now I am still watching CMT. Get this... the #2 contemporary hit is a great rocker, young band, great guitar work, but.....it's Loretta Lynn. I never cared too much for Loretta, as she brought memories more of the 60's version of country and western which has its respective place, a place of honor, but she has to be in her 70's and she sounds better than most rock I have heard lately. Wow...did she just vanish, did she just step outside her comfort zone and rediscover herself. I would have to say. Perhaps she will see 80. Who's having / making fun now? What's the phrase..."Emotional salvation." She found it again. She knew where to go.

Take one credit card...no more than $40.00 for two days. Eat breakfast in the supermarket, instead of Denny's. A banana, orange and small bottle of milk won't set you back. You want to know a great resource if your stuck on where to go. Head to AAA. Unbelievable resource, free maps to every place and seasonal events. But be smart, its getting strange out there. All sorts.
I had a friend that had a misfortune with a broken down car alongside the road once. I surfed her killers name late one night last week. It was't his first, or second. Be safe, be smart, get away, Vanish. But take into account its 2005. So when you travel, be prepared. Not to get morbid but I heard of a travel experience, well, that I may want to take myself one day, you know the day...

Its really cool. The ultimate retirement trip... Dreaming of the places I will just float on by, continuing on and on and on and on. Hmmm reminds me of an Aerosmith song...

I had a friend tell me that a couple of her relatives have planned their funerals a little differently. Apparently "Ducks Unlimited" will take your cremated ashes and either place them in a duck decoy to be set adrift on your favorite lake, stream, river or ocean or they will load your ashes into shotgun shells to be fired by loved ones over your favorite places. Can you imagine the possibilities. Sort of going out with a bang. Sorry. Had to say it. But how cool is that. Have you checked out the cost of a funeral? Both my mom and my father's funeral cost $50K each!

But for the price of a primer, a shell, and cremation and a decoy, you can keep on paddling. So why not get away, dream on, take the dog, the wife but like most 21st century travelers, don't forget the guns!

Don't forget the guns

Now let's get the kids and pack up the car
Take that vacation we've been waiting for
Drive across this country leave our worries far behind
Sing in four-part harmony to "Sweet Adeline"

Cause I got these books and maps from triple "A"
We'll visit friends and sites along the way
Bring the bikes and toys and diapers
Pay the neighbor's sons
Call to stop the mail
And Honey, ...don't forget the guns

Now don't forget the guns you know exactly what I mean
Bring the pistols, bring the Uzi and the old AR-15
We don't look for trouble but by golly if were in it
It's nice to know were free to blow 900 rounds a minute

We'll head for Chicago, stop for the night
Hope for good weather and hope the kids don't fight
They've never seen Mt. Rushmore and they ought to understand
The kind of men who forged our freedom all across this land
We'll hike up a trail and ride down a stream
Stand by Old Faithful and watch her blow off steam

When we pack picnic lunches that's not all we'll bring along
Cause we'll be packing .45's case anything goes wrong

Now don't forget the guns you know exactly what I mean
Bring the pistols, bring the Uzi and the old AR-15
We don't look for trouble but by golly if we're in it
It's nice to know we're free to blow 900 rounds a minute

Oh riding along we'll follow the sings
Over the mountains under the pines
Up to Boot Hill where they got what they gave
In the land of the free you've got to be brave.